Select the wheel by considering :
Important information about Rexello’s products
Defined as parts that are generally fitted to transport systems, furniture or other apparatus to allow mobility. Rexello castors are also used for any non-powered material handling equipment (where speed does not exceed walking pace and the castors are not subjected to continuous motion).
Useful hints for trouble free maintenance and durability of castors :
The fitting of the castor must be done correctly and secured at the designed position.
The fitting should have adequate strength and material for a secure fitting.
The function of the castor must not be altered or affected after fitting.
The swivel action must be perfectly vertical at all times.
If only fixed castors are used , they must be common to each other.
Fixed castors must have their wheel axles perfectly aligned.
Fixed castors and swivel castors when used in conjunction with each other, then necessarily all castors need to be compatible and should be recommended by manufacturer.
The efficiency of the castors can be impaired, especially the load carrying capacity as recommended, when used in temperatures below 5 degrees Centigrade and above 30 degrees Centigrade.
When castors are used in outdoor areas such as coastal areas, and/or aggressive areas, then special purpose castors have to be specified.
The durability of the castor gets severely affected and the manufacturer is absolved of all responsibility if the products are misused. Misuse can include.
Excessive Shock load.
Excessive speed.
Excessive temperatures.
Inappropriate flooring.
Improper use of brakes.
Ingression of foreign objects into the wheel tread.
Changes and alterations made to the component parts and assembled castors not previously agreed with the original manufacturer.
Any non-compliance with the above mentioned may result in the damage to the castors and/or the equipment that it has been fitted to and/or the operator handling the equipment.
In such cases the manufacturer is absolved of any liability or responsibility to the buyer/consumer, be it an organization or a person.