From a small workshop measuring about 200 square feet in 1958, to the present day 40000 sq.ft, where castors, wheels and trolleys of almost any size, any type and suitable for any application, take birth every day amidst modern, state of the art-technology, Rexello Castors has completely revolutionized the castor wheel industry in India.
Indigenous castors were first introduced by Rexello and this makes us believe, albeit with complete humility, that we have made a small contribution to the world of material handling equipments. Castors varying from 1 to 21 and with a load carrying capacity ranging from 5 kgs. to 10,000 kgs., Rexello has them all. Any application in non-powered material handling can be catered to by our wide collection, be it in the Textile Industry, Hotel Industry, Aviation, Automobiles, Entertainment Industry and more. In the ever growing castor segment, Rexello has kept pace with the latest developments in technology, introducing automatic and semi-automatic machines, as and when required to bring down lead times considerably, and improve upon design and durability of our product. Our classic range of platform trucks and other trolleys bear testimony to this.
Since the inception of the company, we have aimed to satiate customer requirement to the fullest, by offering the best in terms of quality. As a result, our customer base grew over the years, and crossed international boundaries, to firmly implant the name of Rexello Castors in the 'A' list of castor manufacturers all over the world. Besides exporting to countries like USA, UK, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Sri Lanka and others, Rexello boasts of a clientele in India comprising names like Reliance, Voltas, Godrej, Mahindra, Bajaj, Air-India, DHL, Jet Airways etc.